The first version of Real Winner was released in 2008, and has been an international success.

Welcome the new version of Real Winner. Adjusted to align with new international regulations – and updated to use the latest new technology.

Wherever you are, travelling or at home, on the way to a competition or training hard in the gym, the new Real Winner is just one click away, and is optimized for both PC, tablet or mobile use.

The program gives useful, updated and basic anti-doping training, whether you are an established top athlete, or on the starting grid to a career in sport.

Each module lasts between 3-4 minutes, and is built up of videos, exercises and facts.


  • Doping Control Procedures
  • The Prohibited list
  • Breach of Anti-doping regulations
  • Consequences to health
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Therapeutic Use Excemption (and)
  • Whereabouts

The program is developed in cooperation with Antidoping Norway and Anti Doping Denmark.

Check out Real Winner and contact us:
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